The first update will be released on September 15th for Bless Unleashed

After the recent release of the MMORPG Bless Unleashed, new content begins to grow. The first update will be released on September 15th for the game, which will include the new boss Twisted Spider Queen, as well as the Nightspire dungeon – Caverns of Wrath.

Nightspire and the Spider Queen ready to do battle
For this first update, Bless Unleashed has a new dungeon: Nightspire, Caverns of Wrath. Presented in a video trailer, the dungeon offers a Gothic atmosphere where gargoyles, demons, magmatic creatures and hidden traps rub shoulders. But this dark atmosphere contrasts with the possible final reward: an ebony unicorn mount that can drop on the last boss. The dungeon will have 3 wings, accessible to players of level 35 and above.

The dungeon isn't the only new feature available in this update. The Twisted Spider Queen is also making an appearance. This new level 42 boss will be one of the most formidable and difficult to defeat for a while. However, many heroes will probably want to challenge her because she can give a Wyvern mount.

The second portion promises to further improve the PC UI experience, assures players that the team at Round 8 are ramping up penalties against goldsellers, and outlines a number of balance adjustments coming to the game’s classes.

The update is scheduled to start off from Sept 8 at 6:00 PM till 8:20 PM PDT. Once maintenance is done, the update will be available globally and it will require a mandatory download. Everything you need to know regarding this Bless Unleashed September 9 Update will be covered below in the next section.

Players must be level 35 or higher to access the Caverns of Wrath. The dungeon itself consists of three zones, in each of which the adventurers will have to fight a boss. As a reward for completing the dungeon, adventurers will be able to get the ebony Unicorn mount.

Other concerns were also reported such as cheating and a lack of balance between classes. Until these points are corrected, Round8 will compensate by offering all players the first PC Season Pass and 7 days of premium play.

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