Amazon delays launch of MMO New World to Spring 2021

Cheap New World Gold Amazon Game Studios has announced a delay for its massively multiplayer online epic New World, which was originally scheduled to launch in May, but has seen its public launch pushed back from August 25 to "Spring 2021."

New World sounds like a manifest destiny fantasy simulator on paper. In practice, New World looks decidedly last-gen with stiff, low frame rate animations and ho-hum combat that do little to sell the game as anything more than gamergate bait.

New World sees players claim territory on the cursed island of Aeternum, where they'll have to contend with both PVE and PVP attacks as that territory is contested. A new developer blog has released information about the latter, detailing what will be involved in a player war.

Unlike other PVP games, attacking another player's territory isn't just a free-for-all. Firstly, players have to join one of three Factions, allowing them to team up with some players and wage war on others. In order to declare war on a territory, the controlling Faction's influence must first be weakened by completing missions.

Writing in a blog post on the official New World website,"We know you are eagerly anticipating the launch of New World, and we're excited to share it with you," it continued, "However, the health and safety of our team is our first priority. We hope you understand our decision to protect our team during these uncertain times while we re-focus on a timeline that will ensure New World is the best possible game it can be."

The War system is complex but seems to be set up to allow for giant armies of players to face off in the field, with siege weapons and traps adding to the danger. If it works out as designed, PVP moments in New World should be an epic experience to be involved in.

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