Bless Unleashed is an open-world MMORPG that can be enjoyed with friends or other players

Bless Unleashed was developed by Neowiz Games, Round 8 Studio, and R8S Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco, Neowiz Games, and Namco Bandai Games America. Another big change is having a well-established publisher, Bandai Namco.

On August 6th, Bless Unleashed was released via Steam. This game is promoted as an open-world MMORPG that can be enjoyed with friends or other players.

As many fantasy stories have taught us, the protagonist always identifies as the one who will save the world and who, due to a series of fortuitous events, will be able to become the strongest and most important fighter in all of creation ... and in this Bless Unleashed the music does not change. The title begins with a terrifying nightmare (which serves as a tutorial) that will prompt us to seek explanations of its meaning. All those with whom we interact will advise us to converse with the "oracle", a woman with magical powers who will know how to indicate what we are looking for. But it is a day of celebration in the city, so between a search quest and a tutorial, we will meet again to discover that the city will be attacked. For one reason or another we can save ourselves, and from here our adventure will begin.

Bless Unleashed’s graphics seem to have improved since the PC version’s stress test, although that is not to say they are amazing. Most environments look rather dull, character models interact strangely with lighting and both lose great deals of quality outside of cutscenes. This is especially evident with the characters, which see their animations reduced to the minimum during dialogues. The game has a somewhat standardized appeal but it chooses to be functional, rather than pretty.

One fact that can't be avoided is the decline in gamer interest in an MMORPG with a main focus on PvP. This has a pretty bad impact on the game community which ends up in toxic behavior.

Bless Unleashed itself brings PvP as the main focus of this game. The good news is that new players won't face this feature right away. The bad news? PvP is a feature that cannot be turned off once you reach level 30.

Is Bless Unleashed worth a try? Our answer is yes but not only. What do we mean? Well, despite the artistic design, the overall impressive graphics, unfortunately it is a title that does not stand on its legs due to the combat system, the fact is that if played in company, it could certainly become a much more fun title, as it would avoid the problem of repeating the patterns explained above. If you have never approached the genre, it may be a good title to start with, but not the best, since there are other MMORPGs that explain in detail everything that needs to be done within such a title, which this title only partially does. So, you just have to gather your party buddies and go on an adventure!

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