FIFA 21, Anders Vejrgang, 14-year-old Denmark Boy Goes 210-0 And Makes Online Game New Record

It's hard to imagine that a fourteen-year-old boy can beat many admitted, adult professional video game players to become the big winner of this season. This young boy from Denmark named Anders has started his legendary game record since FIFA 19. And in September of this year played an amazing 201-0 result. It can be said that his outstanding performance this season has won him more attention. This fourteen-year-old player already has his own agent, so the future can be expected.

The 210-0 Legend Maker
It is incredible that he is only 14 years old, so Anders is not yet able to play professional games, because EA rules require players to be at least 16 years old. However, at such a young age, Anders is already one of the best FIFA players in the world. Anders is currently catching up to 240-0, in the coming years. But once he reaches that goal, he will know where he will go.

The last sentence summarizes Anders' age. In just one year of competitive competition, reaching the Holy Grail score (most FIFA players can not do), this is an amazing achievement. FIFA's e-sports status is unique because it often forces players to learn new games through patches, updates, and annual releases. A year is a long time in the cycle, especially if you have not reached your teenage years. "When I participated in FIFA 11 for the first time, I was only five years old. When I participated in the first FIFA 17 Championship in Aalborg, I realized that I was in good shape, where I broke into eight. Strong, lost to a champion and entered the final. I also defeated [2017 Danish champion] Fredberg of Brondby eSports today."

For Anders, such a victory is a watershed. Understandably, talent scouts came to knock on the door soon. Tonny Le, Anders manager of Vendsyssel FF Esport, said: "Everyone is talking about how Fredberg lost to a 14-year-old." "In Anders' first training session, he beat every one of our players, some of them The player is five years older than him. The rest is history."

In his latest game, about 48,000 spectators watched this young man's game. He will return next weekend to achieve a legendary 240-0 winning streak. The only player close to this achievement is the same PlayStation competitor Julian (Julian'Julianberg1203) Van den Berg (Julian'Julianberg1203) van den Berg, who provides professional services to Feyenoord's e-sports team. . Julianberg 1203, like Vejrgang, is completely unparalleled in the FIFA 21 FUT Championship, and is the only other player with a 210-0 record.

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