Here are how to meet Kante Flashback SBC requirements in FIFA 22

N’Golo Kante had a great season last year, being named Uefa midfielder of the Year and picking up a Champions League winners' medal in the process.

The Chelsea midfielder, who has won both the Premier League and the Champions League with the Blues, is being commemorated by EA having been provided with this special card highlighting the progress that he's made in the game.

The latest big SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is Flashback N’Golo Kante of Chelsea, offering FUT fans another option to shore up their midfield. Here’s how to meet his SBC requirements, and whether or not the card is worth grinding for.

How to complete Kante FIFA 22 SBC – Flashback card
Kante SBC Requirements
Gold Squad

    Gold Players: Min 11
    Team Chemistry: Min 30
    Players in the Squad: 11

Gold Rare Squad

    Player Level: Min Gold
    Rare: Min 11
    Team Chemistry: Min 30
    Players in the Squad: 11

Past and Present

    Players from Leicester City + players from Chelsea: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 83
    Team Chemistry: Min 75
    Players in the Squad: 11

Premier League

    Players from Premier League: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 84
    Team Chemistry: Min 70
    Players in the Squad: 11

Les Bleus

    Players from France: Min 1
    IF Players: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 85
    Team Chemistry: Min 65
    Players in the Squad: 11

Top Form

    IF Players: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 86
    Team Chemistry: Min 60
    Players in the Squad: 11

87-rated squad

    Squad Rating: Min 87
    Team Chemistry: Min 55
    Players in the Squad: 11

Obviously, it’s not as simple as that. There are two very good reasons you might want to pick up the N’Golo Kantye Flashback card. The biggest of which is that he is available through a Squad Building Challenge, which removes the need to keep packing or overspending on the transfer market. All you need to do is complete the SBC and he will be right there for you.

FIFA 22 Flashback Kante SBC requirements
Players have until 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM GMT on Friday, November 5, 2021, to complete the seven SBCs required for Flashback Kante.

According to FUTBIN, the full group of SBCs is clocking in at between 290,000 and 305,000 depending on which platform you play on.

This is only if you have to buy every single player and don’t have fodder collecting dust in your club.

Kante Flashback review
Based on the downgrades in most areas, excluding pace, compared to the base Kante card – it looks unlikely that this card will be worth your time completing seven different SBCs.

That being said, it does provide a potentially cheaper alternative, depending on how the valuation of the Squad Building Challenge levels out.

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