How to change covenants in World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5

The covenant system introduced in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been a hot topic since the expansion was released late last year. In the long-awaited patch 9.1.5, characters who gain enough prestige will be able to switch between the four covenants in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, allowing them to easily swap soul binding and covenant abilities.

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands How To Change Covenants In Patch 9.1.5
One of the biggest changes coming with patch 9.1.5 is the ability to freely switch between covenants which have been something players have been asking for since the beginning of the beta.

Before players can change covenants without any consequences, they must each Renown level 80 on at least one character on their account. This unlocks the swap for all characters connected on a account.

Hazzikostas says patch 9.1.5 is in large part a response to community feedback. Since the launch of Shadowlands, for example, players have let Blizzard know that they’ve felt restricted by the Covenant system, and so the limitations on switching Covenants are being removed in this update.

Switching Covenants will change the following:

  •     Covenant Hall and Hall Upgrades: You will lose access to your former Covenant's hall and upgrades. Any Adventures on your Adventure Table running at the time you switch will cease. If you are returning to a previous Covenant, you'll regain any Covenant hall upgrades you earned prior to switching out of it.
  •     Covenant-Restricted Appearances, Mounts, Titles, etc.: You will lose access to Covenant-restricted appearances, mounts, and other perks belonging to your former Covenant. You will gain any earned appearances, mounts, etc. for the new Covenant earned, including ones earned by other characters already in the new Covenant.
  •     Covenant Class and Signature Abilities: You will lose access to your old Covenant's signature and class abilities, and gain the new Covenant's signature and class abilities instead.
  •     Covenant Specific Legendaries: You will keep any Covenant-specific Legendaries you had, but they will do anything special if you don't have the class ability they are meant to enhance.
  •     Renown level: If you have never belonged to that Covenant before, your Renown will reset to level 1. If you're rejoining a previous Covenant, your Renown will be set at whatever level it was at the time you left it.
  •     Reservoir Anima and Redeemed Souls: You will lose access to any accumulated Reservoir Anima in your old Covenant's hall, unless you take steps to move it out. You will not be able to move Redeemed Souls. However, if you return to that Covenant, any remaining Anima you had there will be there waiting for you, as well as any accumulated Redeemed Souls from before.
  •     Hearthstone Bind Spot: If you had your hearthstone set to your Covenant hall and forgot to change it before switching, your Hearthstone will reset to Ring of Fates once you switch out of that Covenant.
  •     Soulbind: If you return to a former Covenant, you'll return to whatever Soulbind you had in place when you left it. If you have never joined that Covenant before, you'll need to repeat the steps to unlock your first Soulbind, and the second two Soulbinds will become available immediately thereafter.

Players will need to farm mission followers again if they wish to complete the mission board, as well as, rebuild all of their Covenant buildings.

Returning to a previous Covenant will restore all renown, buildings, followers, and progress meaning after a small grind, players can have the power of all covenants ready to switch to.

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