Riders Republic will be what the video game industry calls a triple-A title

Riders Republic Standard Edition The newest game from Ubisoft Riders Republic is an extreme sports smorgasbord of multiplayer fun. Revealed recently during the company's UbiForward event Riders Republic's trailer showed off gameplay that's set in some of the most popular national parks in the United States. The massively multiplayer game shows dozens of racers competing against one another. In Riders Republic there are four different rides for players to utilize.

Riders Republic will be what the video game industry calls a “triple-A title,” meaning more of a big-budget blockbuster than an indie project. That’s in contrast with a few of the more popular mountain biking games of today that are usually bite-sized experiences like Shred 2 or Red Bull’s mobile-based Bike Unchained 2. Of course Riders Republic Gold Edition to grab a broader audience Riders Republic is aimed at more than just mountain bikers. It includes other gravity-focused sports like skiing snowboarding and wing-suiting. While the imagery and scale of the activities are fantastical and a little ridiculous and in many ways will likely be pretty out of touch with real mountain biking there are plenty of real-world components.

The devs wanted to create a broader social perspective by bringing the entire community together. This way the players wouldn’t just compete with each other but also feel part of a larger social gathering.

The game is not a simulation and focuses on being accessible to all levels of player however Manceau says the team focused on ensuring authenticity to the sports featured. He gives an example with the various bikes on offer: from downhill and road to endure. The bike stats mimic real life behaviour and many of the real life bike brands and models have been showcased in game. With a sneaky grin he mentions that not only commercial bikes will feature as a player you’ll get your hands on some competition offerings as well.

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