Super Meat Boy Forever was conceived as a smartphone-friendly version of the original

Team Meat deserves credit for boldness. The formula for a Super Meat Boy sequel has been on the table for the entire decade following the release of the original game. We fell in love with its ultra-precise jumps, gratuitous blood splatters, and grotesque Garbage Pail Kids aesthetic. The studio easily could've slapped together another junket of levels—with no significant iteration on the core obstacle dodging—and enjoyed a rousing reception from Meat Boy's abating community of diehards and speedrunners. Instead, Team Meat went the opposite route. Super Meat Boy Forever reminds me a lot of Super Mario Bros 2. The characters are all familiar, sure, but the design is a significant departure from what made the first one a classic. For better or worse.

Super Meat Boy Forever was conceived as a smartphone-friendly version of the original, but over time it evolved into a sequel. This time, Meat Boy (or Bandage Girl, the damsel elevated to a player character) moves under their own unstoppable momentum, and our job is to jump and dash at the right time. The levels are now randomly generated, with enemies and layouts that remix themselves every time you start a new game. In theory this makes it infinitely replayable, a fount of continual, unpredictable challenge – but it loses so much in the transition that I didn’t feel like returning to it.

Super Meat Boy Forever takes Super Meat Boy’s great platforming, sawblade obstacles, and precision jumps and twists it into an endless runner. So much of Super Meat Boy lies underneath, but there are just as many changes. The entire game can be played with two buttons: jump/punch and slide/dive. You are forced to run forward, and can only change directions when you run into a wall and jump off of it. This turns many of the platforming sections into sort of puzzles that have to be figured out to proceed. This may have been even better with a set of handcrafted levels tailored for exactly that, but Team Meat decided to increase replayability by procedural generation.

The one area where Super Meat Boy Forever has upped its game is the animated segments that punctuate gameplay. The new emphasis on narrative comes as Meat Boy and Bandage Girl head out on the hunt for Dr. Fetus, who has kidnapped their child, Nugget. The story of what happens next is equal parts odd and endearing. It certainly isn’t going to be up for a Pulitzer, but charming presentation and insane characters help to ensure that the action isn’t being taken too seriously. I mean, how serious can it be when you’re a bloody side of uncooked beef, fighting against a fetus in a jar, who also just so happens to have a doctorate?

A lot of Team Meat's indelible charm is still present. The Meat Boy universe is at its best when it offers a demonic homage to the hellish 8-bit platformers of yore, and I stumbled into one of those famous, hidden "glitch zones" that transported me to a wonderful Mega Man send-up. Super Meat Boy Forever remains as vibrantly revolting as you remember the original being, but the platforming design doesn't live up to the established pedigree. The studio deserves credit for trying something different. If only Meat Boy's simple joys weren't diminished in the transition.

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