SypherPK discovered that the latest season has three pay to win skins

Cheap Fortnite Account SypherPK is often the first to find the latest tips and tricks in Fortnite, and in his latest video, he revealed what he thinks is the best landing spot in Fortnite Season 5.

When Season 5 was released, Sypher’s fans flooded the Weather Station, looking for a red book. Sure enough, the book was there. Not only was the book at the Weather Station, but it was indestructible, leading unaware players to wonder why there was an invincible red book at one of the longstanding Chapter 2 POIs.


Released in December 2017, the Crackshot is a Legendary outfit in Fortnite Battle Royale. Owing to the festive theme, the map currently has several POIs with Crackshot skins as showpieces.

In order to pull off some sneaky kills as Lt. Evergreen, players are going to want to head over to Salty Towers. There, players will want to head to the blue house and its Holiday Tree. According to SypherPK, using the Light-Up emote behind the trunk will allow players to blend in, picking-off players that pass by!

The second of these is the Crackshot skin. Similar to Lt. Evergreen, players are going to use this one to blend in, only this time, it's near Lazy Lake. There are two Crackshot statues in the front yard of a house in the area. Players can destroy one of them, and "replace" it, using the Prickly Pose emote. Once again, it's the perfect way to take-out enemies fooled by the ruse.

Still, players often discuss which places they think are objectively better than others. It usually comes down to things like how many chests are in the area or the loot quality. However, Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan believes there’s one place that rules them all.

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