WOW TBC Classic Phase 2 is right around the corner

WOW TBC Classic Phase 2 is right around the corner to bring some GREAT NEWS! Blizzard has decided to roll out the content of Phase 2 over time instead of dropping everything at once, meaning pretty much have a pre-patch for TBC Classic Phase 2.

A few months after the Phase 1 rollout, Blizzard is rolling out the second Burning Crusade Classic content update. This is Phase 2: Overlords of Outlands introducing the Storm Dungeon and the Snake Sanctuary Cave, but also the Group Finder, the Guild Bank and other more anecdotal features.

In PvP, however, another season begin, which means that thousands of characters rush into battle, trying to win a high rank and get the most powerful equipment items. Bravest can compete for main upcoming PvP season award — gladiator title and awesome WoW Burning Crusade flying mount with a 310% flight speed.

After Arena season 1 is over, you can still use the remaining Arena points until season 2 begins. And the Gladiator gear from season 1 will also be discounted to prepare for the new season, so it is worthwhile if you spend for it at this time.

Once season 2 starts, any arena points you have will be turned into honor. When season 2 starts, you will receive 10 honors for each arena points you earn.

WOW TBC Classic Phase 2 Update & Content Unlock Timelines!

Tuesday. August 31, 2021

  •     Patch 2.5.2 Releases
  •     LFG Tod
  •     Guild Bank
  •     New Profession Recipes, Engineering Goggles
  •     Swift Figh Form for Druids
  •     Arena Season 1 continues for 1 more week

Tuesday. September 7, 2021

  •     Arena Season 1 Ends and the cost changes for Arena and Honor gear goes into effect
  •     1 Week* offseason* begins

Tuesday. September 14, 2021

  •     Arena Season 2 Begins and Arena Points are converted into Honor Points at a rate of 1:10
  • Wednesday. September 15, 2021
  •     Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep unlocks 3:00 p.m. PDT (6:00 p.m. EDT
  •     Phase 1 Raid Bosses drop two-tier tokens, Instead of one
  •     Shatari Skyuard and Ogri'la content will become available

Blizzard has not overlooked dozens of bugs and flaws that are currently present. In total, game engine World of Warcraft TBC made more than 20 fixes, we highlight only main in our opinion:

  •     If earlier, shaman totems could quickly kill with special macros, now it is not possible to do so;
  •     fixed a bug in connection with some symbols, that caused many spells used in macros incorrectly;
  •     fixed a bug that made arena commands tab show rating with delay or not show at all;
  •     fixed a bug where crafting effects accessories and statuettes created by jewelers that were triggered or activated under certain conditions would sometimes stop working before their expiration date;
  •     fixed a bug where macros containing /cast command didn't work properly after being used very regularly;
  •     players would no longer be able to neutralize damage dealt by the Shadow Word: Death response macros.

Obviously, a huge fixes part to make lives of PvP games much better, and the battle process more honest.

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