Who is NBA 2K22 cover athlete

While the NBA Finals are about to be launched, the Phoenix Suns have just qualified for their third final in their history, and will face the Milwaukee Bucks or Atlanta Hawks, the first leaks for the 2022 edition of NBA 2K have just taken place, a few weeks before its revelation.

While a leak published on the internet had indicated the presence of Dirk Nowitzki in the "Legend" edition of NBA 2K22, this time it was a second indiscretion that was published on the networks, by the account "NBA 2K22 Leaks & Intel ”, regarding the release date of the video game.

Multiple reports suggest Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic will be the cover athlete for the NBA 2K22 video game.

    The cover — first appeared on the Instant Gaming website but has since been deleted — shows the young NBA star heading toward the basket in a blue Mavs jersey, according to Mavs Moneyball, the SB Nation blog for the Dallas Mavericks.
    “While obviously just art at this point, it’s fair to assume Luka Doncic is a real possibility for the cover,” Moneyball reports.

Just like "NBA 2K21", the new offshoot will appear as a cross-generation title. Bonus content and in-game currency are also mentioned, which you can get by pre-ordering or by buying the special edition.

If this leak turns out, NBA 2K22 will also arrive on the older generation of consoles, which is not surprising, in addition to PCs, PS5s, and Xbox Series. We should find out a bit more soon enough, with NBA 2k21 having been announced in June. A formalization in due form, to present this new opus, the covers and the various additions, is therefore imminent.

On what looks like a “promotional flyer”, we find Dirk Nowitzki in the center, accompanied by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kevin Durant, but especially the date of September 10 revealed as the game's release. The document also confirms the game's release on both console generations, with a PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S version, as well as the usual purchase bonuses including 100K VC.

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