WoW Classic Season of Mastery launches on November 16th

World of Warcraft will open up its Season of Mastery mode next week, and, as promised, will let character creation and name reservations begin ahead of time, this Thursday. You’ll be able to start on November 11th at 6PM Pacific time. The Season of Mastery launches on November 16th so you’ll get a few days to settle on who you’re taking into the new mode initially.

On Nov. 11, players with an active WoW subscription will have an opportunity to log onto Season of Mastery servers for the first time. While they won’t be able to get into the world, they’ll have a chance to reserve a character name.

In this period between beta and launch, the dev team also took the opportunity to defend its design decisions for the Season of Mastery. Some of the more notable (and controversial) calls included making Tier 0.5 sets available at launch, not making any major patch changes, and increasing the rate of PvP honor rank-ups. Some proposed raid adjustments are still in flux as the team continues to evaluate them.

How To Reserve Your Name Before The WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery Goes Live
First, you need to get onto the right World of Warcraft Version, which can be changed on the launcher.

Select World of Warcraft: Classic under Game Version & Account, which was previously only Classic era servers. There will be a new tab under the Realm selector called "Seasonal" which is where players can save their name under the new servers.

The initial servers that will open up for name reservations will also have a limited capacity so they can become full. Blizzard is working to make the launch run as smoothly as possible. This is also temporary. if servers fill up, you’ll have to pick another, or wait to see if new ones open. Initial servers for Season of Mastery are both PvP and regular servers in US east and west and in Australia.

The opportunity to reserve a name will last from Nov. 11 until the launch of the game. Players will be able to start reserving their preferred names at 8pm CT.

Once the Season of Mastery goes live on the 16th, players will no longer be capped at 1 character per account and will revert to the original 10 per server.

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