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Cheap OSRS Gold Old School RuneScape just became even more competitive with the launch of an all-new challenge mode – Leagues – available to both PC and mobile players. The first instalment, Twisted League, runs from today through to 14th January 2020, and pits players against each other in a race to complete tasks, unlock huge power-ups known as Relics, and level up as fast as possible to become top of the league.

Many players who have dedicated their time to OSRS will find it interesting to hear that there is a new game mode. OSRS Leagues mix up the usual gameplay of the popular MMO title, resulting in an experience that sees players starting afresh, with a new list of tasks.


Leagues bring a new dynamic to the game. Players will start void of stats or items. The progress you have made within the normal OSRS game will also not be affected. You will receive league-to-league rewards that will carry over. Keep in mind that whatever progress that you have made in one league will not carry over into the next.

Those that embark on this new adventure will need to earn points by completing tasks to unlock Relics, which are different in each area. These Relics provide powerful buffs and modifiers to the player’s character, presenting the best chance of competing to earn the exclusive achievements and rewards on offer. Additionally, a new HiScore table allows players to claim fame and bragging rights throughout the competition.

If you manage to gain a pet in the Twisted League, then they are insured for free. These pets will also be carried over into future leagues if you choose to take part in them. Any lost pets can be regained via the Leagues Tutor free of charge. There are also several rewards available to you that can take back to the main game. These range from cosmetic outfits to decorations for your in-game home depending on how many points you earn.

The Twisted League brings a brand new outlook on Old School RuneScape with the introduction of leagues. Rather than the usual task of hunting down OSRS Gold, you will be performing tasks for Relics and League Points. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules beforehand!

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